Our Solution

Beacon Med Score

The Beacon Med Score is a new Analytics tool developed by Invatech Health which gives care homes a single rating for medicines management. Designed for groups, the Beacon Med Score takes data from the Proactive Care System and helps you compare performance between services and very easily drill down to identify areas of improvement.

The Beacon Med Score is separately licensed to senior managers and accessed from the secure Invalife portal. Organisations can deep dive and identify key performance issues without the need to trawl through endless data. With just three clicks, the Beacon Med Score can pinpoint individual home performance in relation to set standards, what the issue is in the home and which member(s) of staff need further training or support.

We believe our new system will change the way senior management evidence and improve quality.

For further information, please contact info@getpcs.co.uk or call 0117 214 0315


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