The Results

Benefits to Care Home Organisations

Care home organisations benefit significantly from what PCS has to offer, as it helps drive up quality standards and improve financial return.

  • Improved Accountability and Transparency

    PCS records everything. Every transaction that relates to medication is logged along with staff codes. In this way a full audit trail is available on demand and information can be used to evidence quality to regulators, as well as carrying out internal investigations.

  • Reduced Risk & Exposure

    There can be nothing more troubling than an embargo being placed on your care home or the threat of closure due to poor medicines management. By improving your medicines management, PCS provides peace of mind and helps reduce the risk of professional and legal litigation.

  • Increase Occupancy

    Ultimately every care home needs to ensure its beds are full. By helping your care home drive up standards and evidence this to both regulators and new residents alike, PCS can form part of your strategic drive to become fully occupied.

  • Increased Management Information

    The range of reports available give care home managers the ability to identify staff training needs and areas of practice that need to be addressed. Meanwhile senior management within an organisation can be alerted to any of their care homes which are falling short of their standards.

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