Contractual FAQs

Who is the contract with?

Your contract will be with your PCS Pharmacy. This contract covers your service levels, charging structure and other day to day matters. Contracts are usually standard but may vary from one provider to another. In addition to this, your home will be required to agree to our Standard Terms and Conditions upon registration with Invatech Health Ltd. This covers important things like data protection, security, privacy etc.

Am I tied into the system?

Not necessarily. If you choose to buy your own hardware and are simply looking to your pharmacy to provide the service, then there is no tie in beyond typically 3 months. If your PCS Pharmacy is providing the hardware under a rental scheme, then your PCS Pharmacy will be expect you to commit to a minimum term to cover their investment.

How much does PCS Cost my care home?

Your financial terms are agreed between you and your PCS Pharmacy for the core system. This covers the hardware and the license fee for the core functionality. Additional optional modules for enhanced features are available to buy direct should you wish to have these.

Who can provides PCS?

PCS is provided by our network of approved PCS Pharmacies. The system is open to any pharmacy who wishes to become a PCS provider. This means your preferred pharmacy can provide you with PCS if they wish.

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