Your Challenge

Getting medication right for residents is not easy. We understand the regulatory, safety and operational challenges care home organisations face.

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Our Solutions

Taking over a decade to develop, our
solutions have become the most
extensively used electronic medication
management system in the UK.

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Beacon Med Score

Our latest add on service allows organisations
to measure the success of their medicines
management across multiple sites and drill
down to specific issues in just a few clicks.

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The Benefits

We believe that once you start using our
electronic system, you will never want to
return to paper based recording. Our system
has been proven to benefit care home
organisations, staff, pharmacies, the NHS
and of course the residents themselves.

  • Improve Safety
  • Improve Efficiency
  • Improve Accountability
  • Save Money

More Benefits

Get Safe. Get PCS

We have a full UK wide network of pharmacies who are
enabled to provide PCS to your care home. Get in touch and
find out how you can start getting all the benefits of the UK’s
most popular electronic medicines management system.